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We know how fun it is to be in the sky! Regardless if your aircraft is a single engine Cessna, Corprate Gulfstream or a Bell Helicopter if it needs keys, We are the people to call. Obtaining keys to aircraft can be challenging but we are up to the challenge! Give us a call so we can put your frustrations at ease and get you flying again! 


B.O.A.T. = Break Out Another Thousand! At Rick's Locksmith, this will be one of the few expenses that will not cost an arm and a leg! We understand how easy it is to misplace keys to vehicles that only get used for a couple months a year, or how frustrating it can be when the keys end up at the bottom of the lake! Don't worry, we will come out to the lake or your driveway to get you back on the water!


At Rick's Locksmith, we understand that motorcycles are as important as any other vehicle. Regardless if its your daily commuter, your weekend ride, or your custom Chopper, we have the keys for it! We also carry the tubular Harley Davidson keys! Own a moped, maybe imbarrassed to admit it!!! we wont judge or laugh, or a Vespa, if you lost the keys, Give us a call. 


Are you pack and ready for that Vacation, or weekend Get-Away? Everything is going great and you realize the keys have been lost or misplaced. Don't let that hold you back from enjoying your vacation, We make keys for most Motor Homes, Fifth Wheels, Camper Trailers, Toy Haulers, Luxuary Coaches, Etc. We will come to your location regardless if you still havent left or at your vacation location.


Have you been working hard and just happened to lose your keys, or locked them inside your Rig? Our job is Keys, and knowing how to make them, or obtain them. For all the Truckers, sit back and relax, your job is to move freight and we know time is money, let us do what we are good at and get you your keys! And because we know you have places to be, our typical response time is usually within 30 minutes. So don't hesitate and give us a call.


Are you eager about destroying something and a misplaced key to your equipment is holding you back! We know how fun it is to tear some stuff up. We will come to your Distruction site and get you your keys for the equipment needed to complete the job. On the farm and droped the keys in the hay stack? maybe you will find them, but it may just be easier to call us and let us get you a new set of keys, Lock problems? Not a problem, we will get you going again to finish the job.


Do you enjoy being outdoors and lost keys to your toys are preventing you from enjoying the outdoors, weather its your Snowmobile, 4-Wheeler, RZR or what ever it is you own, we will get you the keys to your ATV and get you back to having fun outdoors instead of sitting inside playing the X-Box!


Riding Lawn Mower, Golf Cart, Bobcat missing some keys? Don't let a missing key let your grass keep growing out of control or prevent you from a game of golf, you can always drag you clubs by foot but what about the beer, who's going to carry the beer, now you know the importance of the golf cart, don't let a misplaced key be the disaster or your yard, project, private property transportation or even your game! give us a call and well get you back to where you left off.